Case Study

Banking Agility Acceleration Program

A top 4 banking institution, with a customer centric mindset. They have over 35,000 staff, serving over 9 million customers across 9 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

The Risk and Support Technology function has been through a period of sustained change resulting in a blend of legacy and current/modern technology assets.

New Ways of Working has been rolled out across the teams but maturity levels are varied. It is generally accepted there is a lack of discipline in the application of Agile rituals and a lack of consistent standards.

Further compounding the teams ability to drive Agile adoption is the lack of overall New Ways of Working experience within the current leadership group as well as a low level of JIRA skills/experience.


Squad Agile Acceleration


We executed a 3-stage approach to understand & assess, design and deliver progressive improvement against clear and measurable targets to achieve outstanding results. We utilised our best-practice experience in Agile and business transformation to assess and then collaboratively design a solution that works best for our client.

  • Utilised a number of data gathering processes such as anonymous surveys, interviews, document reviews and diagnostic outputs from our proprietary JIRA Compliance Checking tool to help the client define a common understanding of their current state.
  • Defined a maturity level for the client’s current state based on the Agile Fluency model.
  • Collaboratively designed the target state and defined success metrics.
  • Designed an Agility Adoption and Acceleration Roadmap which includes costs, deliverables and timeframes involving a number of our solution elements.


  • Team maturity was different to what was expected which changed the preconceived view of the management team.
  • Reporting was at the department level and needed to be changed to the team level for a true indication.
  • Identification of key training requirements to ensure the skills gaps are addressed.

Key Lessons

  • Developing and communicating expectations on reporting and “what success looks like” needs to be executed consistently across all squads in the program.
  • Our Jira Compliance Health Check tool was a great way to create a baseline of where the teams was and then was later utilised to show progress. The output of the tool was not used in a negative way but as a positive experience to show growth and maturity.

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