Case Study

Content Management Upgrade And Front End Development
A top 4 banking institution, with a customer-centric mindset. They have over 35,000 staff, serving over 9 million customers across 9 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

The client embarked on an upgrade of their Content Management System (CMS) which is built on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform. The client was looking to simplify the process of delivering content to their website by developing a framework that ensured a reduction in ongoing costs associated with testing and release management while maintaining a standard user experience for their customers across different channels.


Simplifying CMS for Ease of Delivery


Based on the client’s high level needs, the Monitor team validated the requirements and implemented a solution for a scalable collaborative content delivery approach, developing effective reusable components and enabling fast agile-led development.

Key Lessons

  • Early involvement of the content authors and the UX team from an Accessibility perspective ensured a smoother transition through testing.
  • A review of the existing system and a decision to start from a green fields base ensured that previous mistakes were not transitioned and a new more robust solution could be designed.
  • Sequencing of code across a number of teams was challenging however the team used a number of Planning days as well as Co-location to overcome these.


  • Successfully implemented the first release of the framework with multiple features in the backlog to be delivered over the next 3 quarters.
  • Elicited, analysed and documented requirements within an Agile framework to develop a backlog of features.
  • Introduced Typescript to the client and provided ongoing mentoring and training.
  • Ensured a strong focus on Accessibility with early involvement of the UX teams.
  • Developed components that could be shared across all web pages ensuring a more streamlined and cost-effective delivery mechanism while maintaining a standardised and highly effective customer experience.
  • Provided the client with the ability to leverage the changes and design features across all client channels.
  • Automated Visual Regression testing.
  • Successfully upgraded the CMS to version 6.5.

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