Case Study

Salesforce Digital Business Analysis

Australia’s largest motoring insurance, service and full support automobile club, originally founded in 1903. The organisation has more than 2.1 million members with over 3000 staff in offices across Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

The Challenge

The client embarked on a major strategic transformation program to enhance their customer experience and launch products faster and more cost effectively. This required the migration of 2.2 million existing members from an IBM legacy system to Salesforce CRM, while at the same time provide a cutting-edge front-end member portal accessible from any customer device.

Monitor Consulting was engaged after the program had commenced to provide Digital BA expertise, but quickly realised that scope could not be delivered with forecast resources and budget.

Key stakeholders did not fully appreciate the level of digital expertise required to achieve this customer facing functionality. Obtaining stakeholder buy-in to fully understand the resource requirements was a challenge.


Migrating Members from IBM to Salesforce CRM


Based on the experience gained from prior digital transformations, our senior BA lead was able to educate and guide the leadership team on the true scope and complexities associated with this major program. Some of the key elements are outlined below:

  • Assessed the true number of story points to be 1100, versus the original estimate of 8000. This enabled accurate workload forecasting.
  • Defined a prescriptive method for capturing prescriptive customer-facing requirements, ensuring a high degree of specificity. Followed the mantra of “Do it once, do it right”.
  • Built a strong process for engagement with and handover to test team.
  • Ensured regular detailed reporting from Jira on scope, progress and budgets on a weekly basis, constantly validating accuracy.
  • Worked closely with the test team and helped them to business case the requirement for an emulator to assess devices and browsers.


By applying and delivering best practice digital techniques into the areas of requirements gathering, testing handover, scope and budget management, we demonstrated to the leadership team the true requirements for building a best in class digital customer-facing product.

This ensured the right resources with the right skills were eventually engaged to deliver against the revised scope. The high quality of requirements gathering also minimised downstream effort and rework.

Key Lessons

  • Engage digital expertise earlier in the program to help build scope and resource requirements.
  • Jira is critical for tracking scope and progress. Don’t customise so much that basic features are removed.

Hours Spent On Project


Reduction in Story Points


Coffees Drunk (And Counting)


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