Solutions That Deliver Better Transformational Change?
We’ve Got Your Back.

We know business change and transformation, inside out. It’s our job to understand and translate the complex into something meaningful, and pass on insights in order to accelerate your programs.

Irrespective of how similar the scope may be to other organisations; we know the outcomes are very different. That’s why our Practices design and support a range of complete solutions that are tailored to solve the business and technology problems that are uniquely yours.

We have a strong ethos which is core to our values. If we don’t believe we can add meaningful value to your transformation program, we won’t accept the assignment.

A five-pronged approach to business transformation

Our solutions are underpinned by our robust, tried and tested approach, which is relevant regardless of what stage you choose to engage us.








Transition to BAU


Business Analysis Solutions

Build your BA capability and enhance your requirements management and delivery framework as well as defining a bespoke Requirements Delivery Approach.

  • Requirements Management, Detailed Planning
  • Capability and Competency Assessment, Design and Build

Use the link below to download our Business Analysis Capability.

Change Management Solutions

Accurately assess change impacts and change readiness, and successfully guide people through transformational change.

We provide the change and communication support needed to transition individuals and teams to a desired future organisational state, minimising impact on business performance.

Use the link below to download our Change Management Capability.

Agility Solutions

Successfully achieve enterprise agility and create new ways of work which improves efficiency, responsiveness, effectiveness and cultural engagement.

  • Launch Planning & Preparation
  • Training & Certification
  • Team Immersions
  • Performance Uplift & Transition to BAU
  • Establishment of COE
  • Health Checks & Transformation Tracking

Use the link below to download our Agility Capability.

Jira Health Check &Transformation Dashboard

Review and manage the performance of agility-based change programs with Monitor’s industry-leading real-time Jira Health Check and Management Dashboard. Leveraging the Jira Health Check not only solves everyday problems but checks for ambiguous issues that can arise.

  • Jira Heath Check
  • Transformation Dashboard

Use the link below to download our Jira Health Check & Transformation Dashboard Capability.

Monitor Data Services

Measure what matters most and leverage data to gain a competitive advantage, drive informed decision-making and business growth.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Visualisation
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Use the link below to download our Data Services Capability.

Project & Program Management

Use our expertise and tools to enhance internal project delivery capability. We can provide full project delivery services, or supplement and enhance existing teams and skills.

  • Program Recovery
  • Maturity Assessments & Uplift
  • Master Scheduling
  • PIRS and Stage Gate Reviews

Use the link below to download our Project & Program Management Capability.

PMO Excellence

Blending best practice with a tailored design to build, manage or repair an agile or traditional PMO to achieve a reliable, continuous, scalable and measurable service.

Use the link below to download our PMO Excellence Capability.

Acquisition Integration & Separation

Early strategic planning underpins a successful acquisition integration and separation program bringing about measurable and significant flow-on impact to the success of a program and realisation of forecast benefits.

Use the link below to download our Acquisition Integration & Separation Capability.

Process Efficiency & Improvement

Harnessing the latest methods to design a process change that is effective, measurable and sustainable.

  • Agile Business Process Efficiency
  • Process Improvement
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Continuous Improvement (CI)

Use the link below to download our Process Efficiency & Improvement Capability.

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