Business Savvy Technologists? Now That’s Evolution.

Led by a dedicated Practice Manager, our Technology Practice is supported by a team of technical experts committed to partnership and the transfer of knowledge that underpins successfully evolving IT environments.

Our technologists are selected not just for their technical excellence but for their pragmatic and business-minded approach in knowing how to grow business value and drive performance through digital technology.

We will never implement technology for the sake of technology evolution; instead we develop tailored, fit-for-purpose solutions that provide meaningful and sustainable business benefit.


Using the application of DevOps practices, we drive significant solutions improvements, automation and securing of software and infrastructure. Working in tandem with our Agile practice we substantially improve the quality and relevance of software applications while reducing the overall cost and time to market.

Application Development

Software development services across diverse technologies and platforms utilising the latest languages, tools and frameworks. We ensure a deep understanding of client requirements before delivering efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions across a broad range of issues offering the development of optimal digital solutions to the transformation of legacy stacks and everything in between.

Testing and Quality Engineering

Designed to help you optimise and augment your testing capability by deploying best practice, fit-for-purpose quality assurance solutions across your IT delivery environment.

Cloud Engineering

With cloud platforms more secure, stable and affordable than ever before, organisations are being forced to choose between their existing on-premise IT infrastructure or transitioning to the cloud. With our team on your cloud migration journey, our functional expertise can help with selection of the most suitable deployment (public, private, cloud), infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), and all the way through the design and execution phases.


Organisations must leverage data to generate competitive advantages and drive business decision making. We offer a range of services which include BI strategy, data governance framework definition, data lineage, optimisation and visualisation all of which can be used at any stage of your data journey.

Other ways we can help you change and transform

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